Future Pack Spotlight: WR Victor Gonzalez

Future Pack Spotlight: WR Victor Gonzalez

Notre Vista High School receiver Victor Gonzalez agrees with most of his class about the coaching staff being wonderful and caring of their players, making it an easy decision to commit to Nevada.  

"I like the coaching staff, they're all great guys, they have a good program going on and it's beautiful there in Nevada," Gonzalez said. "He (Brian Polian) goes family first, he cares about his guys and it's not just a business to him."

Gonzalez, who will grey shirt next season, thinks he will be effective in the Pistol offense in the coming years.

"I think I fit in pretty good because I like going deep and the pistol offense creates deep balls for their receivers," Gonzalez said. "If they stop us then we can go back to the run and it's a great offense."

According to Gonzalez, he believes he is a well-rounded receiver with decent speed, sticky hands, discipline and easy to coach.

Gonzalez believes his high school coaching staff is very similar with Nevada's in terms of caring for its players but he gives Nevada's staff an edge in experience, which is a huge reason he chose Nevada.

Gonzalez is currently running track to stay in shape and build speed to prepare himself for his future career at Nevada. According to Gonzalez, Wes Welker is the guy he looks up to because he's very smart and not the biggest guy, just like him. 

He is also very excited to help take this program to the next level.

Gonzalez was one of the leading receivers in California's Inland Empire. He finished his senior season with 57 catches for 1,327 yards, avg. 23.6 per reception and 11 TD's.

"My goal is to help the program as much in any way possible and go Wolf Pack," Gonzalez said.

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