Future Pack Spotlight: WR Wyatt Demps

Future Pack Spotlight: WR Wyatt Demps

Wyatt Demps is ready to make an immediate impact for Nevada and has great confidence that should be contagious down the road.

"I'm a pretty smart player and I'm pretty good at recognizing coverages, putting my body in the right position to get open," Demps said. "The best thing about me is my hands, I can go up there and catch any ball."

Coach Polian has to love that confidence. And Demps really trusts Polian for various reasons.  

"Coach Polian is a serious man and I believe in what he's doing at Nevada and that I can be part of something big there," Demps said.

Demps also said the coaching staff has shown confidence in him and that he will be given the opportunity to play as a freshman, if he performs the way they ask him to.

"The coaches told me I'll always have the opportunity to show what I have and if that's what I have then I'll play immediately," Demps said. "And at Nevada there will be a lot of competition and hopefully that brings out the best in me."

Demps really likes how a receiver is used in the Pistol and how the quarterback can audible a play whenever it's needed without the consent of the sidelines. It will give him a chance to display his dependability as a receiver to whoever the quarterback is.

Demps' football knowledge should help him down the road because that is something any coaching staff can appreciate.

Demps message to the student body and fans is very clear, concise and exciting if you follow the Wolf Pack. 
"Hopefully be ready for the best four years of Nevada football," Demps said.

The 6-2 185 lb receiver finished with 35 catches for 775 yards and 12 touchdowns.

One of Demps' highlight videos can be viewed here.

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